We provide a free 800 telephone number for emergency care .

We Accept Medicare Assignments, Medicaid* and all major medical Insurances.

At no cost to your residents or you! All fees are billed to third party providers.

Thanks to Mobile Health, lack of mobility is no longer an obstacle to good health care!

Lack of mobility should never prevent you from getting the medical attention you need. Mobile Health doctors provide essential medical services including podiatry, wound care and diabetic foot care in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, or through Telemedicine . For over 28 years, Mobile Health doctors have been bringing their equipment and providing quality podiatry, wound care and diabetic foot care to patients in their residences, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. More than 25,000 patients in Florida have benefited from the services of Mobile Health doctors. Mobile Health services supplement existing wound care and diabetic foot care programs in nursing facilities, and improve quality of life for patients who are unable to travel to regular appointments. Skilled, caring podiatrists provide the same treatment you would receive at a doctor’s office. Optometry is another exclusive and excellent service provided to patients who are in facility settings. Although often overlooked, foot and eye problems can be critical, and dramatically impact a person’s quality of life, especially with diabetes. Diabetic foot care and eye care from qualified trained and licensed podiatrists and optometrists are essential to maintaining good health, especially for older patients. For even more added convenience, we offer Telemedicine for those intermittent consults. Many Florida patients do not realize that regular podiatry and optometry appointments are covered by medical insurance. With Mobile Health, regular diabetic foot care, eye care, and Telemedicine treatment for many foot, ankle, or eye problems are just a phone call or email away.

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We combine the finest in modern medical technology with the caring of the old fashioned country doctor.


Mobile Health is genuinely concern about our patients well-being. They adopt any problems early on and develop an efficient method of care.

– Colleen Daniels
Directory of Social Services
I.H.S. Centrals Park Villages

Our patients are in great hands with Mobile Health, and that’s important to us. They’re professionals who my staff and I can depend on to treat our patients with the utmost care.

– Teresita Ascanio
Executive Director
Helen Sawyer ALF
Miami-Dade County
Miami, FL.

Reliability and availability are important to us and our patients. We know Mobile Health will be here when they promise, and always on-call when we need them to provide excellent service to our patients.

– Luis Collazo
Executive Director
Palm Breeze ALF
Past president of FALA 2015
Miami, FL.

The Doctors from Mobile Health are a great asset to all our Grand Villa properties, especially in their field of wound care and preventative therapy. Their documentation is the best we’ve seen, which has really helped us with State surveys

– Tom Howard
Executive Director
Grand Villa of Largo
St. Petersburg/Largo, FL.