Mobile Health was founded in 1987 to provide quality healthcare to all, whenever and wherever needed. Since its inception, it has served more than 25,000 Floridians.

Mobile Health doctors bring primary podiatric care, wound care, and diabetic foot care directly to the patient – in the home, Assisted Living Facility (ALF), independent living facility, nursing home, adult day care, Alzheimer’s center, or mental health facility.

Combining the finest in modern medical technology with the caring style and personalized attention of an old-fashioned country doctor, Mobile Health connects with patients who might otherwise lack access to quality health care.

Whether you are a patient or a facility administrator, this unique service for patients comes at no cost to you.  All fees are billed directly to third party providers.

Incomparable Podiatric Services

Mobile Health doctors can seamlessly integrate with your facility’s wound care and diabetic foot care programs. Regularly scheduled podiatric care is crucial to preventing ulcers, infections, gangrene, and lower extremity amputations.

  • Mobile Health offers premier Podiatric and Optometric services to all patients in facilities, nursing homes, rehab centers or other.
  • Mobile Health physicians are prompt and punctual. Appointments can be worked into the patient’s or facility’s schedule to ensure maximum comfort and operational efficiency.
  • Call a dedicated 800 number for emergency podiatric care between scheduled visits. Mobile Health will send a provider to your facility or home within 24 hours of an emergency call. For more serious cases, fully trained and licensed nurses on standby can be dispatched immediately.
  • All fees are billed to third party providers. Medicare and Medicaid assignment is accepted.
  • Mobile Health care is fully compliant with federal and state mandates and regulations.

All Mobile Health services can be provided directly to patients living at home. Podiatry and wound care are accessible and convenient for people who are unable to leave their residences, or do not want to risk having an accident while driving to an appointment.

A podiatrist is on call and available to you between regular visits to respond to emergencies.

A generation ago, doctors often made house calls and knew their patients by name. Mobile Health offers the same level of personalized attention, with the highest quality healthcare to all patients.


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